Michael Cunningham – The Hours

It’s not often a book leaves me completely speechless. Wowed. Awestruck. Absolutely blown away. But then again, it’s not often that I come across a book like Michael Cunningham’s The Hours. Both, Claire and Rachel, recommended the book to me, saying I should read it once I finish Mrs. Dalloway. And then, I saw this […]

Jeffrey Eugenides – The Virgin Suicides

Once upon a time (in the 1970s), there were five sisters: Cecilia, Therese, Mary, Lux and Bonnie – the Lisbon girls. But Cecilia, the youngest, killed herself. And then, by the end of that one year, there were none. The Virgin Suicides, written by a collective ‘we’ (as opposed to ‘I’, or in third person), […]

Jay Asher – 13 Reasons Why

We’ve all faced the wrath of high school. Either we were too fat, or too thin. Either people expected too much of us, or nothing at all. Either we were ‘cool’, or we were ‘geeks’. Some of us made our peace with it, while some of us still hate that part of our past. Children […]

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