Evelyn Waugh – Scoop

This is the first book by Evelyn Waugh that I read. It also is the first book I’ve read, since I returned to the wonderful world of literature. I purchased this book, along with Brideshead Revisited, because I was drawn to the simplicity of the cover. Also, I have a book-buying problem! Scoop is a 1930s satire […]

George Orwell – Down and Out in Paris & London

Let’s defy convention for  a second, and instead of quoting the opening lines of this fantastic classic, below are the closing lines: I can point to one or two things I have definitely learned by being hard up. I shall never again think that all tramps are drunken scoundrels, nor expect a beggar to be […]

Virginia Woolf – The Waves

The inexplicable fear that surged through me at the very mention of Woolf’s name has alleviated somewhat after my first foray into her works three years ago. Granted it has taken me three years to pick up another book by one of the foremost modernists, but, it was also a book I picked up while […]

Sebastian Faulks – A Week In December

Set in London, against the backdrop of the subprime crisis and 7/7, Faulks’ A Week In December takes place in the week leading up to Christmas in 2007. It’s my first foray into the literary world created by Faulks, and I come out the other side marginally ambivalent. The book follows one week in the […]

David Mitchell – Ghostwritten

Ghostwritten is David Mitchell’s first novel, and on finishing it, I’ve now read all his works, which pleases me greatly. Of course, the fact that this is a tremendous debut adds to the pleasure, albeit, I really do wish there was another Mitchell on my shelf, just waiting to be read. The sub-title of the […]

Helene Hanff – 84 Charing Cross Road

If there ever was a perfect book, this would be it. Yes, I know that’s an extremely strong and subjective statement, but I don’t think many people who have read this will disagree. It’s feel-good, happy, and just… perfect. 84 Charing Cross Road revolves around two people living halfway across the world from one another, […]

Marghanita Laski – To Bed With Grand Music

I’ve been meaning to read a Laski for a long time, and I finally picked this book out of my shelf, just to help me return to the world of reading – one of my many loves that I’ve been ignoring recently. And on finishing it, I was gently reminded as to why I love […]

Sarah Waters – Tipping The Velvet

Yay! I’ve finished all of Sarah Waters’ novels. That’s the first thought that crossed my mind after I finished this book, and it was immediately followed by a pang of disappointment, for now I have to wait for her next book to be released, before I can lose myself in one of the wonderful worlds […]

Rachel Ferguson – The Brontës Went To Woolworths

The Brontës Went to Woolworths is one of those utterly bizarre books, with quirky characters and a story which makes the mind boggle. The thin line between fact and fiction is erased by the Carne sisters – the protagonists of this book – as they let their imaginations run away with them, and create a […]

Monica Dickens – Mariana

I bought this book back in January, simply because the blurb likened it to I Capture The Castle, and ended up “saving” it for the Persephone Reading Week (hosted by Verity and Claire). I had great expectations from this book (if you may excuse the totally unnecessary pun), not only because of the blurb comparing […]

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