I’ve spent ages trying to figure out a good review policy. I tried the whole “on 10″ thing, but that fell flat. Then I tried generic ratings on five, but, that fell flat as well.

But now, I think I’ve figured it out. Nailed it, if you like. And hopefully, it’s simple enough. So, here goes…

A for Absolutely awesomely outstanding.

B for Brilliant, highly recommended.

C for Could be better, but worth a read.

D for Disaster city/Dullness overload. Avoid…

E for Exceptionally awful. Or, Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

F for Fail. Major fail. Books that I couldn’t finish, for, I figured fingernails on the blackboard would be more pleasant.

Not everyone will agree with my ratings, but, they reflect only my opinion on reading the book. Nothing more. Nothing less. I try to finish all the books that I start, and so far, in 2009, I’ve only left one book unfinished, despite reading over seventy.

Let’s hope I can stick with this, for a while.

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