“Don’t Be Evil”

I’m fast starting to believe that everything in the world is a giant conspiracy theory against me. Okay, that’s me being a tad hyperbolic. Just a tad – not more, not less. There are two pieces of news that I have stumbled upon in the last seventy-two hours, which depress me to no end. Amazon […]

A Ride Through Silence

Yes, I am ad-libbing Pink Floyd’s Coming Back To Life here, but it does seem apt, considering how long I’ve been AWOL, and well, I am trying to crawl my way back to writing. It’s not that I haven’t been reading – I have! It’s just – I’m struggling with writing at this point in […]

18 miles and… nothing?!

I’m back from NYC, and I had a great time. Worked hard, partied hard, read little. The guys I work with were on a mission to ensure I missed at least one of my half-seven meetings after a night out. Much to their dismay, they didn’t succeed. I didn’t do any sightseeing whatsoever, barring a […]

Rambles and Digressions – Of the Booker, August Reading, September Reading and…

So, the Booker shortlist was announced yesterday. Y’know the funny thing? It completely passed me by. I didn’t even realise it, and even while writing out my $0.02 worth of thoughts on The Slap, I was half-wondering when the shortlist was going to be announced. I could’ve googled it, but laziness took over. I don’t […]

When Spring Began

I’ve been AWOL last few weeks, as I’ve been moving house, and working overtime! Not the best combination. The new place still doesn’t have internet, but, thank god for tethering. I apologise for disappearing into thin air, but hopefully, I’m back! I’ve got two books still to review, from my reading in March, plus I […]

Looking Back On October, and Thinking Ahead To November

Happy Halloween, everyone! What have you been doing this Halloween? Watching scary movies? Reading scary books? Trickin’ & treatin’? Or, hiding under the covers? Me – well, I’ve almost ignored Halloween completely, barring the couple of hours of TV that I indulged myself in. I meant to read Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived In […]

Unauthorized Sequels

There’s an article on BBC today (and some other newspapers) about a Swedish author publishing the sequel to one of my favorite novels of all times, Catcher In The Rye. I don’t know why, but I love the book, and I absolutely loved the hypocrite that was Holden Caulfield, I don’t understand how someone can’t love […]

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