J.M. Coetzee – Life and Times of Michael K

Life and Times of Michael K won the Booker Prize in 1983, and it’s been one of Coetzee’s books that I’ve wanted to read for a really long time. The name intrigued me: who is Michael K? And, what is it about his life and times that merits a novel? The first thing the midwife […]

Bernhard Schlink – Homecoming

  This is another one of my reviews that have been pending for over a month. While I’m reading the super-chunky Midnight’s Children, I thought it’s a good time to get up-to-date with some of the reviews which really should have been written earlier. Homecoming was my attempt to get familiar with Schlink’s writing, before I […]

Philip Roth – The Plot Against America

This review has been outstanding for about a month and a half, and for that I apologize. I read it back when I was working towards a big deadline, and I just didn’t find time to review it back then. But here it is, now… I stumbled on to this book by chance. One of […]

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Half Of A Yellow Sun

War destroys all that is left of innocence. It pulls people together, and it drives them apart. People are left asking questions, as they pine for their loved ones, as they try and contemplate the horrors of war, and as they struggle to survive – just so that they can see a better day. And […]

Michael Morpurgo – Waiting For Anya

Twelve year old Jo, a shepherd boy, lives in a small French mountain village, during the late 1930s-early 1940s. World War II’s broken out, and Jo’s father is away in action, while Jo is assuming some of his father’s responsibilities, and simultaneously attending school. The War is far away from this village, and to Jo […]

Michael Morpurgo – WarHorse

I don’t know why I picked up this book. It might have been because I’ve got The Butterfly Lion and Private Peaceful on my reading list. It might be because it was the only book that looked tempting at Waterstones the other day (and I couldn’t find a copy of The Great Gatsby – the […]

Anne Holm – I Am David

A young boy, with the help of a prison guard, escapes from a concentration camp and tries to find his way to Denmark. David is convinced that there is some kind of catch, and there will be people waiting to catch him, punish him and throw him back in the camp, at every point during […]

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