See Me Walking Down Fifth Avenue…

So, I’m off to New York tomorrow. New York, one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world. Broadway! SoHo! MoMA! Madison Square Gardens! Central Park! You get the idea, right? It’s just for a week, and it is on work, which means I won’t get much time to take in the city as […]

Rambles and Digressions – Of the Booker, August Reading, September Reading and…

So, the Booker shortlist was announced yesterday. Y’know the funny thing? It completely passed me by. I didn’t even realise it, and even while writing out my $0.02 worth of thoughts on The Slap, I was half-wondering when the shortlist was going to be announced. I could’ve googled it, but laziness took over. I don’t […]

Reading In August

I’ve had a relatively “busy” July. For the first time since January, the number of posts I created in a month has hit double-digits. It’s just ten – nothing to write home about, but, it’s still a nice feeling, if you know what I mean. I’m not comparing myself to some of you book bloggers […]

The Booker Prize 2010

So, the shortlist for the Booker Prize was announced yesterday. Like many of you on the blog’o’sphere, I didn’t do a post on what I’d expect to see on the longlist. There’s a good reason for that – it’s because I had absolutely no idea! I figured that Mitchell and McEwan would make it, but […]

At The Library

I love libraries. I came home for a break, which was supposed to be just a week long. However, ended up falling ill, and it’s now been over five weeks, and I’m still here. And, it’s probably going to be a couple of weeks more. Sucks to be me, at the moment. But – enough […]

They’ve Made It To My Shelf!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of the “recent acquisitions” post. Part of the reason is, I’ve not been on a book buying binge for quite some time. However, was down in the dumps recently, and book buying always cheers me up! Under ordinary circumstances, I would’ve felt guilty, but for once, I’m […]

When Spring Began

I’ve been AWOL last few weeks, as I’ve been moving house, and working overtime! Not the best combination. The new place still doesn’t have internet, but, thank god for tethering. I apologise for disappearing into thin air, but hopefully, I’m back! I’ve got two books still to review, from my reading in March, plus I […]

Monday Meanderings

I’ve had a slow reading week! Still got hundred odd pages of Middlesex to finish – yes, I know I’ve been reading it forever, but, I’ve been busy, and driving up to Manchester midweek for the game didn’t really help! Not that I’m complaining… what a cracking game that was! Anyway, I had an amazing […]

Reading In March

I’ve had a pretty fantastic female reading month in February. It’s not something I’ve ever done knowingly, or inadvertently before, so, I was ecstatic with the results! Seriously! I mean, a Sarah Waters book was the biggest disappointment – that’s got to be a good reading month, right? So, following on from my Fantastic Female […]

February Reading Plans

I’ve disappeared into the oblivion again, but, in my defence, work’s caught up with me and my exhaustion levels have hit new highs. This is just a quick post, about my February reading plans. I still have my weekly 2666 post to do, and another review coming up, but, let’s put that on hold for […]

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