Happy 2012!

Image from http://novoboi.ru Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a long 2011, but still, it feels like the year’s flown by, in the blink of an eye. I’ve not blogged much this year, and even if I take into account the books I haven’t reviewed (yet), my reading year has been pretty abysmal. I do […]

Holidaying in Hong Kong

It’s warm, it’s congested, there’s no need for a jacket, and oh my god – there are so many people! Just over for a week, to get away from London, where my last holiday (or day off) was in January, and I’ve been feeling overworked and stressed. It’s so nice to get out of there, […]

Dexter – The Fifth Book’s Out!

Hello, Some of you may have noticed my mild (!) obsession with Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter. Sophie from OrionBooks sent me an email a couple of weeks back, informing me of the fifth Dexter book that’s being released this month: Dexter Is Delicious. Dexter – a dad? Slowly becoming more and more human? My curiosity’s piqued. […]

In For A Long Week…

I suspect that the upcoming week is going to see me putting in sixteen to eighteen hours of work a day, as we have a big deadline looming, and are terribly behind schedule. While I am toying with the idea of taking a sleeping bag to work, and just curling up underneath my desk, where, […]

Long Time No See

I’ve been a bad blogger, and a worse reader in the last couple of months. Doubt Santa’s going to come knocking on my door with a big bag of books, which I’m actually surprisingly relieved about. I’ve read three books in the last month and a half, including the last Harry Potter book, and I’ll […]

It’s Wonderful To Be Here…

…It’s certainly a thrill! I can’t believe I finally switched off my default lazy mode and moved to a self-hosted site. I’ve had the week off work and decided to come home to take a break. Found myself lost in the incredible (!) world of php and css, trying to get my blog to look […]

What Kind Of A Week Has It Been

Yep, the title’s a blatant rip-off of West Wing’s What Kind Of A Day Has It Been, but, it does fit. For what it’s worth, due apologies to Sorkin. Some of you may have read my post on my MacBook’s broken fan, at the beginning of the month. Well, despite much wishing and hoping, Apple […]

Lack of Updates

I almost feel like i’ve disappeared from the blogosphere… unfortunately, I have a reason – a very annoying one! My MacBook’s suffering from a broken fan. Every few minutes, it overheats and shuts down. I can’t multitask on it, and can’t use it for much as things stand. I’ve not been as diligent in commenting […]

Happy Christmas To All…

…And to all a good night. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.


I’ve been AWOL all week, as I was in sunny Morocco! A wonderful break from the cold misery that London’s been, although being in Marrakech did come with its downsides. Apparently, I’m allergic to the sun and the dust, and Marrakech is, by far, the most polluted city I’ve ever visited. I even had trouble […]

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